About Us

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Our Story

A new concept for HCBS Supports

Our Founder, Michael Pearce, is a special needs attorney who over the past 25 years has helped thousands of families plan for the future of their children with disabilities. 

Through this experience, Michael came to realize that parents needed more than legal documents and lists to plan for their child’s lifetime care and well-being.  He understood that parents needed a dynamic way of keeping track of and updating the 1,000+ details of their child’s complex life and needs.

Parents were searching for a way to let others know their child as a person, and not just a list. 

VestLife old
Michael Pearce and Sue, VestLife

Recognizing the potential for cloud technology to solve this previously unsolvable problem, Michael and his wife, Sue, invested their own funds and dedicated thousands of hours to build and nourish the SpecialVest app for parents. 

As the first (and still the only) true person-centered planning solution for Individuals with I/DD, we’re proud and excited to now bring Vest to I/DD Service Providers.  

From our humble beginnings as a Post-It note on Michael’s PC monitor, we’re continually inspired by the growing support and enthusiasm we’re receiving for Vest.

Our Team

Meet The Vest Team

Everyone on our team is deeply vested in the world of disability planning. Our collective years of professional and personal experience with individuals living with disabilities, success of your Disability Service Program.

Michael Pearce

Founder, CEO

Jyoti Das

Chief Growth Officer

Ken Kerrick

Operations and Technology

Joel DeLany

Head of Product and Infrastructure

Keri Horon

Vest Success Manager

Aditi Priyadarshini

Growth Consultant

Joshua Armonio

Growth Consultant

Alaukika Parab

Growth Consultant

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